Eucharistic Prayers

Here’s a series of prayers written by Fr. Jean Galot, SJ, and published in a little booklet called Prières Eucharistiques (Editions Sursum, Louvain, 4th edition, 1991). The translation and any resulting errors are my own. (copyright 1995, 1996)
Richard Chonak,
Introduction to eucharistic contemplation
Father infinitely generous,
Because you have willed that your Son dwell perpetually among us by His eucharistic presence, help us to receive this presence, to venerate it, to adore it, to love it.
Because, in ceaselessly presenting us your Son, you constantly renew the supreme gift of your fatherly love, make us receive this gift with filial fervor, eager to please you and to respond to your generosity.
Lead us toward the tabernacle; inspire in us the desire to rediscover often your beloved Son, to visit him, to greet him, giving witness before him of our attachment to him.
Draw us toward him, that we may be pleased to contemplate him in silence, to enter into his intimacy, to dwell near him as one is happy in the company of a friend.
Make us come to him in each of our pains and our trials, to entrust to him our cares and our sorrows, to receive from him consolation, peace and joy.
Direct our gaze and our heart more and more toward him, that his presence may be at the center of our life, and illumine our actions.
— by Jean Galot, SJ
Holy Spirit, you who unite us with Christ,
You who make us to know and love Jesus, make us to discover him in his eucharistic presence.
Reveal to us the immense love, the overflowing tenderness that hides in the tabernacle.
Make us taste this presence so poor, so simple, but so rich with life.
Under the veil of the host, show us the Christ of the Gospel, so powerful and so generous;
Make us see the good Shepherd, who knows each of us, watches us and calls us by our name;
Make us hear the incomparable Teacher, who presents his doctrine to us and wants to enlighten us about all things;
Make us touch the Savior, whose touch heals, transforms bodies and souls;
Make us discern the Friend, happy to live with us and to share our human existence;
Make us recognize the victim of Calvary, who spares nothing in the gift of self to obtain pardon and sanctity for us;
Attach us profoundly to the eucharistic Christ; may our eagerness to receive him respond to his ardor for dwelling among us!
— by Jean Galot, SJ
Virgin turned toward your Son,
You knew how to look at Jesus and to penetrate to the most intimate depths of his person.
Teach me to look at him: to look at him long and peacefully in his presence in the tabernacle.
Help my eyes to discover the invisible, and my heart to be borne toward the hidden presence of Christ.
Let me penetrate into the intimacy of this hearth ablaze with love, to grasp at what point Jesus offers himself to me, full of affection, of mercy, of comforting sympathy.
Teach me to hear in the silence the words that he addresses to me, and to tie with him a mysterious dialogue.
Let me glimpse the marvels which he desires to work in the secret place of souls, of my own soul.
Let me appreciate his ineffable nearness, with all the friendship that it contains.
Help me to respond to his love with the vigor of all my being, to lose myself entirely, like you, in a look of love fixed upon him.
— by Jean Galot, SJ
Lord Jesus, so profoundly radiant,
May your eucharistic presence be my joy! Since to love someone is to find joy in his presence, how could I profess to love you and not taste your presence?
By love, you have willed to dwell ceaselessly among us; grant that I respond to this love, receiving with fervor your divine presence.
No enthusiasm would be strong enough to acknowledge this privilege of having you so close to me, and I desire that your presence truly constitute the happiness of my life.
Even before speaking to you, I wish, each time that I return to you, to contemplate you and simply wonder at the fact that you are there, that you are looking at me, and that you love me. I want to stop and remain in this feeling, to capture all the invisible radiance of your person, or even more to erase myself before you and let myself be taken by your seductive attraction, let myself be invaded by your action, silent and secret.
If you could make of me your possession, your domain, would not your presence have attained its goal?
May this adorable presence, taking possession of all my being, become my joy for ever!
— by Jean Galot, SJ
Ever present Lord,
You ask for my presence in response to yours,
A presence all simple, content to be there as you are there,
A silent presence, without eloquence and without discourse,
A fervent presence, happy to give all, looking only to you,
A peaceful presence, satisfied in the intimacy so generously offered to him,
The presence of a poor man, who comes to show you his interior poverty, his deep misery,
The presence of a sick man, coming in trust to disclose to you his secret wounds,
The presence of a friend, who seeks out and values your company,
A presence for as long as possible, pleased to linger near to you,
A presence all charged with love, a love wishing to be more and more sincere and ardent,
A presence full of hope, that aspires to the definitive possession of heaven, and rejoices to inaugurate it here below.
— by Jean Galot, SJ
To find you!
There, under the veil of the tabernacle, I desire to find you, O Lord whom I love.
By hiding from my eyes, you oblige my soul to seek you.
But to those who seek you, you have promised that they would find you.
To those who knock at the door, you have declared that it would be opened.
Then open all wide the door of your tabernacle, and still wider the door of your heart.
Because I do not wish only to encounter you from outside, but to penetrate as far as possible, to the interior.
I want to find you in all the richness of your divine being, in all the fullness of your love.
Introduce me into your mystery, plunge me into the abyss of your intimacy.
I want to find in you my God, the infinite one to whom all my being aspires.
I want to find in you my Well-beloved, the one who has called me to give all to him.
Help me to find you ever more fully and to never lose what I have found!
— by Jean Galot, SJ
Lord, you have come so near to me,
I do not want to stay at a distance, nor simply to adore you as a creature adores his Creator.
I do not want to limit myself to looking at you from afar, to imploring you in your sovereign majesty.
Since you have willed to approach so near to me, I desire the most intimate contact.
I come to you, that the most complete union be realized, the fusion of my being with your own.
I desire to mix my thoughts with yours, my words with those that you pronounce in your silence.
I desire to conform my feelings to those that express your presence, my will to your will so perfectly in accord with that of the Father.
I desire to fuse my liberty with your own, having nothing more than the spontaneity which gushes from your own heart.
Since I am incapable of all this, accomplish this union yourself, work this fusion by the sovereign force of your love.
Whereas I am before you, envelop me in your presence and grant that I be nothing else but one with you!
— by Jean Galot, SJ
How good it is to look at you!
Lord, my God and my friend, how good it is to look at you under the appearances of the host!
What happy certitude: to know that you are there, that you see me and that you listen to me!
How good it is to find oneself so close to you! I desire to impregnate myself with your presence so near: may this presence take possesion of my soul, may it transform it, may it sanctify it!
Here I am before you poor and naked, able to give you nothing but my look: wrap me in your intimacy: clothe me in your power!
You are before me as the source of all light and of all life; in you is found the furnace of all love.
How good it is to put oneself under the radiance of your brightness, under the grasp of your superabundant vitality, under your loving look!
I look at you without seeing you, but you look at me with such a force that you make the riches of your being pass into me.
I do not encounter your eyes, but you encounter my heart and you fill it with your divine grace
Without my perceiving it, you change me, you penetrate me with your thoughts and with your feelings. You lift me to the level of your sanctity.
How good it is to comtemplate you, to abandon oneself to you, to your invading presence, and to let oneself be remade entirely by you!
— by Jean Galot, SJ
Lord, fascinating in your love,
Let the allurement of your person, the fascination of your presence, work in me.
You have presented yourself to humanity as a spouse who brings the force and the tenderness of divine love.
You do not wish to impose yourself by force, but to draw us toward you; let me feel all the power of your attraction.
Raise up the spontaneous zest of my heart, making me perceive the greatness of your love.
Deliver me from lying fascinations, from deceptive imaginings, sources of bitter disillusionment.
Make me escape from selfish, ambitious or insane dreams, that my whole ability to dream be directed to you.
Since you are the only one to not deceive my expectation and to fulfill my deepest desire, concentrate all my hopes on you, yourself.
Since you keep all the promises of your allurement and since your attraction is the truth of a fullness that gives itself, let me taste the happiness with which you want to fill me!
— by Jean Galot, SJ
Silent guest of the Tabernacle,
Take me into your silence, far from the noise and the agitation of the world.
Into a silence where my being finds itself in its truth, in its nakedness, in its poverty, because this silence allows me to discover my very self.
Take me into the divine richness of your silence, the fullness able to fill all of my soul.
Make still whatever in me is not you: whatever is not your presence, all pure, all solitary, all peaceful!
Impose silence on my desires, my whims, my dreams of escape, the violence of my passions.
Cover with your silence the voice of my claims, of my complaints.
Impregnate with your silence my nature too impatient to speak, too inclined to exterior and noisy action.
Impose your silence even on my prayer, that it may be pure zeal toward you.
Let your silence descend to the depth of my being and let this silence ascend back toward you in an homage of love!
— by Jean Galot, SJ
O Christ, so lovable to contemplate,
I want to be only a look, a long look, a look directed indefinitely upon you.
I want to let all my thought pass into this look, so that my spirit be filled with you.
I want to give you all my imagination in this look, that a single image be imprinted in me, your own.
I want to entrust to you, in this look now, all my memory, that my past be lost in you.
I want, by my look, to render all my will to you, that it become exactly conformed to yours.
I want to enchain my look to yours, and offer you all my liberty that your love may fill it.
I want to present you my heart in an affectionate look that lets itself be taken for ever.
I want that everything in me serve to look at you, that my entire being give itself over to you in this look.
Grant to attach my look to yours, yourself, and to fix it on you without end, that in the offertory of my eyes there be an ardent and faithful generosity!
— by Jean Galot, SJ
As a man speaks to his friend,
Speak to me, Lord, and say to me the words which only love pronounces.
Speak to me in your ineffable language, which only the heart can hear.
Speak to me of yourself, to share with me your divine intimacy.
Speak to me of your plans, of your preoccupations, of your great intentions for the salvation of men.
Speak to me of your desires, of the collaboration which you await from me.
Speak to me of what rejoices you, of what afflicts you in the world and in myself.
Speak to me of your goodness, the kindnesses that you wish to spread in abundance among us.
Speak to me of the miracles of your grace, the marvels that you work in secret, invisibly.
Speak to me of the holiness into which you want to transform all the universe and my own being.
Speak to me, and make your word penetrate to the depth of my soul, into my intellect, into my will, into my heart.
— by Jean Galot, SJ
Face to face!
Here I am before you face to face, Lord, as I will be during eternity, when you will have uncovered your face to me!
May this eucharistic adoration be the foretaste of the vision of heaven, the earthly first-fruits of the definitive contemplation!
May these moments of tete-a-tete in the peaceful darkness of the sanctuary prepare me for that moment supreme, splendid, and bewildering, when suddenly you will deliver yourself to me for an exalting intimacy, in your dazzling light!
Your face is already so close to mine, it becomes so accessible in its mystery, that it would take but little for death to snatch away the veil and make you appear to me in your splendor.
Here I am quite poor before you, with all my poverty, despairing if you were not coming to help, with my face strangely dim if it were not illumined by your own!
Face to face! Your eucharistic presence is the beatitude that starts here below; it is the rapture of eternity, which lets itself be foresensed secretly in a look of faith.
Lord, strip me of myself in this face-to-face, dispel the shadowy uglinesses of my soul, that I may become a pure reflection of your mysterious face!
— by Jean Galot, SJ
Receive my look!
Receive my look, O Christ, my eyes turned unto thee!
Take all my presence offered in my gaze,
And all my person, aspiring to see,
Take, in my eyes, my heart abandoned unto thee!
Receive my look, O Christ, that it attain to thee!
Here am I, watching what I cannot see,
Rendering my gaze, for power divine, too weak,
Transform, by eyes of faith, my look.
Receive my look, O Christ, that it adhere to thee,
Be faithful unto thee in total love!
With fervor let it contemplate thee ever,
Accept my gaze in fixing it on thee!
Receive my look, O Christ, to radiate in thee!
May it reflect of thy great charity,
Diffuse thy love, thy generosity;
Enflame my look, enkindling it for thee!
Receive my look, O Christ, to strengthen it in thee!
Enrich it with thy force and with thy firmness,
When difficulty comes, that I be without fear,
Inspire my look with thine own power.
Receive my look, O Christ, to make it pure in thee!
Detached from the flesh and its seductions,
Free from the desires of too deep passions;
Purify my gaze in lifting it toward thee!
Receive my look, O Christ, that it may smile in thee,
Bearing to my neighbor the joy of thy goodness,
Thy charming sweetness, thy humility;
Sweeten my look by taking it for thee!
Receive my look, O Christ, that it may rest in thee.
Find peace in thee amid the fight,
And knowing you are there in hard times
Calm my gaze in drawing it to thee.
Receive my look, O Christ, that gives itself to thee!
All that my eyes promise: the inner being, all,
All that I think or sense, all that I will;
Take with my look the depths of my me!
Receive my look, O Christ, to vow me unto thee,
To consecrate my life and give thee free
To your wide-open heart my liberty,
Make prisoner, by my eyes, my offering to thee!
Receive my look, O Christ; may it forget itself in thee!
If I could cease to look at me,
No longer more attached and interested in me
Than thee! Receive my look, to lose itself in thee!
Receive my look, O Christ, that it exult in thee,
Enravished to possess in thee the only Good,
Light, strength, and love, for the spirit and the heart;
O fill my eyes with joy by filling them with thee!
— by Jean Galot, SJ
A short visit
Lord, so easy to find,
I come near you for only a brief instant, to greet you and depart.
It takes so little time to tell you that I love you, so little time to give myself to you again!
It’s so quickly done, to make contact again with your divine presence, to place myself again under the influence of your divine power!
Since you ask only to give, I only have to open my soul to receive your gifts.
By the exchange of glances, in the space of a lightning flash, you can enrich me with your life and with your love.
So I come to offer myself to you, that you may renew my strength, lift up my courage, revive my enthusiasm.
I come that in this short moment you may plunge me again into the source of my existence, and communicate to me moreover your eternal youth.
I come to become attached more deeply to you, by an increase of faith, of hope, of charity.
I come in order to bring you with myself into my work and my activities.
Be with me, Lord, and prolong in my heart the encounter of this too short visit!
— by Jean Galot, SJ
Transformation and sanctification
Lord, whose look is so powerful,
Help me to become what I contemplate in you!
By the power of looking at you in the invisible, let me be transformed invisibly into you!
Since in my look I would like to surrender myself to you without reserve, take all my being to conform it to yours.
Let your ideal beauty and perfection pass into me, rendered so near by your eucharistic presence.
Transform my thoughts, too low and too earthly, into your thought, so high and so large.
Transform my feelings, too attached to this world and to myself, into your feelings so noble and so pure!
Transform my intentions, too mixed with self-love, into your intention of an admirable righteousness in love.
Transform my will, too weak and too shifting, into your will, so absolutely firm in the good.
Transform my eyes themselves which look at you, that they let themselves no more be ensnared by the seductions of evil.
Transform my heart, so dry and so destitute, into your heart, so full of holiness and of fervor.
May your look transform everything in me, to render me like unto you!
— by Jean Galot, SJ
Lord present under the sign of the Host,
Make us one soul in the image of your Host,
A soul all white, careful to avoid the least stain in order to remain fitting for you;
A modest soul, little in the place she wishes to occupy, great in the love she wants to bear witness;
A simple and unwrinkled soul that ignores the complications of egoism and gives itself straightforwardly;
A silent and hidden soul, happy to see her generosity unrecognized, that it may be more purely given;
A naked and poor soul, finding her richness only in the possession of You;
A soul transparent for your presence, wanting to transmit only your light;
A soul gentle in her contacts, having neither ridges nor angles, but simply the roundness of your goodness;
A soul always open, at the service of others, in a perpetual gift;
A soul unceasingly turned toward her neighbor, attentive to his desires and his spiritual needs;
A soul that subsists only on You, and derives of You alone her life, her fervor of being!
— by Jean Galot, SJ
Holy Lord,
Deign to imprint in me the image of your holiness!
Since by the Host you offer yourself to me, to act within my soul, I desire in return to offer myself entirely to your action.
Realize in me what I do not succeed in doing by myself.
You are a witness to my efforts at improvement that fail, to my resolutions that I do not succeed in keeping; come to enliven me with your own zeal for perfection.
You see me much less good than I would ever like to be; come to put in me the higher good that you possess.
Make me reflect your integral purity and your horror of sin.
Imprint in me the reflection of your love, of a love that wills to be limitless,
The reflection of your generosity in sacrifice, of your valor in trials,
The reflection of your persevering gentleness, of your untiring goodness,
The reflection of your ardor to give yourself, of your nobility in serving others.
May your eucharistic presence leave in me the enduring reflection of your perfection!
— by Jean Galot, SJ
Save me!
Save me, O Lord, by your eucharistic presence!
By your all-holy presence, save me from a world so complacent about sin.
By your loving presence, save me from my egoism and from my being full of myself.
By your pure presence, save me from all impure thought, all impure desire.
By your presence radiant with goodness, save me from severity in my judgements and in my attitudes.
By your gentle and calming presence, save me from the violence of my passions.
By your smiling presence, save me from all unkindness and all harshness.
By your infallibly faithful presence, save me from my inconstancies and from my infidelities.
By your presence sure and firm, save me from my fragility and my weakness.
By your vigilant presence, save me from my imprudences and my ficklenesses.
By your contemplative presence, save me from my agitations and my dissipations.
To save me, let your presence penetrate deeply into me, to the very bottom of my heart.
— by Jean Galot, SJ
O Christ, eager to multiply your presence,
Make us into tabernacles like the one you have given yourself, in stone or in metal.
Fill us with your eucharistic presence, silent but penetrating.
Take hold of the depth of our heart, that this dwelling of flesh belong to you.
Lock yourself inside us, as you have willed to lock yourself in upon our altars, in the prison of your love, in an uninterrupted presence.
Take yourself the key of this intimate home, and keep it as the owner, that you alone may open it and possess it.
There, light the lamp that keeps vigil without end, your light that can dispel our inner shadows and guide our way.
Sanctify everything within us, that we may be able to offer you a true sanctuary, and remain worthy to be forever your tabernacle.
Make us fitting to transmit to others, through the opaqueness of our poor human flesh, your divine radiance.
Make us bearers of your presence, always in a position to communicate the enthusiasm of your love.
Enable us to be tabernacles full of life, of a life ardent and generous!
— by Jean Galot, SJ
Interior Attitudes (Faith)
Hidden Lord,
From the tabernacle, you call forth my faith; you veil your divine splendor under the appearances of a little host.
I believe in your presence; I want to believe in it with all my soul, to be ready to give my life in witness to this faith.
I believe in it more vividly than if you suddenly opened the gates of your dwelling to show me your face of flesh.
I believe in it more resolutely than if you offered me, as once you offered the apostle Thomas, to touch the wounds of your hands, to put my hand in your open side.
Let me see nothing, touch nothing, that I continue to taste the blessedness of those who believe without having seen.
Keep me in the darkness of faith, so that my conviction rest on a love all the more ardent, on a trust all the more abandoned.
In my faith, my devotion to your person wants to express itself: I believe in your Eucharist because my heart wants to adhere totally to yours.
May my soul be able to cry: “My Lord and my God!”, to prostrate itself in your presence and adore you!
— by Jean Galot, SJ
Interior Attitudes (Trust)
Unfailing Lord,
By your obstinately faithful presence, stimulate and uphold our trust!
Since your presence cannot fail, make our trust to never waver!
Since the attacks and violence of your enemies cannot hinder your presence from establishing itself amid us, strengthen our trust in your victory over the world.
Since no tempest succeeds at extinguishing the lamp of the tabernacle, preserve our trust through disturbances and difficulties.
Since at every instant you offer a sure refuge, a powerful help, make our trust prevail over all our fears.
Since our weaknesses do not discourage your love and do not take away from us the gift of your eucharistic presence, sustain us after our mistakes to strengthen our trust.
Since the reality of your presence abides even while we have the impression that you are absent or far away, maintain our trust over all our feelings of emptiness or of loneliness.
By making us believe more and more in the warm nearness of your eucharistic presence, make our trust more solid and more bold!
— by Jean Galot, SJ
Interior Attitudes (Peace)
“Peace be with you!”
“Peace be with you: the peace that seeks to spread my presence!
It is the peace I have assured you by the offering of my sacrifice, regaining the friendship of the Father for you.
May this peace, symbolized by the calm reigning about the tabernacle, penetrate into all those who draw near it!
May it touch the depth of your consciences with the happy certitude of the divine pardon offered to all your faults!
I want to make peaceful your worries, guaranteeing you the presence of an infinite goodness.
I want to make peaceful your desires, presenting you the only Desirable one who can satisfy them.
I want to make peaceful your cares, lavishing on you at every instant my all-powerful assistance.
I want to make peaceful your fears, opening all wide to you the intimacy of the God of love.
I want to make peaceful your agitation, inviting you to the only necessary thing, to a look of union and of contemplation.
I want to make peaceful your passions, in submitting them to a stronger love able to conquer them.
May peace be with you, the peace of God upon all your human existence!”
— by Jean Galot, SJ
Interior Attitudes (Joy)
O Christ, giver of joy,
It is as triumphant Lord that you make yourself present in the Eucharist, as once you had suddenly appeared, risen, in the midst of your disciples.
Pour down upon us the joy which you had brought to men since the dawn of your resurrection.
Spread this joy, contained superabundantly in your eucharistic presence, throughout the world, and deepen it in our hearts.
Because it has triumphed over the sadnesses of suffering and death, make it surmount all sorrow, all anguish, all melancholy in us.
Because it possesses a sovereign, irresistible force, make it renew in us, over all our weaknesses, the enthusiasm of your victory.
Because it is the feast of eternity already inaugurated in your earthly presence, may it reign in us without end, to lead us to the happiness beyond.
Make us happy in spite of ourselves, happy in spite of our deceptions and our wearinesses, or rather happy because of them, because they permit your joy to replace ours.
Make us happy to look at you, happy to possess you, happy to dwell near to you.
Make us happy in your triumph, happy in your love, happy simply in your presence!
— by Jean Galot, SJ
Interior Attitudes (Petitions)
Lord, so welcoming to our wants,
Because you are so willingly disposed to listen to us, we come, with simplicity and trust, to address our requests to you.
We implore you first of all for the intentions closest to your heart, those of the salvation of mankind.
We beseech you to sustain and to enlarge your Church, to spread her forth throughout the universe, to make her faith and charity grow and to strengthen her unity.
We pray to you for all Christians and for all men, for those most in need, and for those who know neither the wonder of your Eucharist nor the miracles of your love.
Finally we entrust to you our particular intentions, all that we desire personally, and everything that causes us concern.
Look upon the persons of our family, on those around us, on those who have been committed to our care, or to whom we dedicate our service.
Bring to good the tasks which we must fulfill, our professional work, and above all the apostolic activities for which you give us responsibility.
Supply for our insufficiencies and our errors; make everything work together for the good of those whom we love.
From the tabernacle, grant our prayers, pouring out on us the abundance of your kindnesses!
— by Jean Galot, SJ
Remember, Lord, those who would wish to come to adore you, and who cannot.
Remember the sick, the infirm, those who work and who are hindered by their occupations.
Remember those who have already come to kneel here before your tabernacle, and who in this moment have a deep need for your aid.
Remember those who in the past besought you with fervor, but who have turned away from you and live in the way of sin and straying.
Remember those who have never come to pray to you, out of negligence, from forgetting their religious duties, out of laziness or indifference.
Remember with goodness those who out of sectarianism or out of hatred reject your Eucharist with scorn and would wish to do away with your tabernacle.
Remember the great human poverty that places its hope in you, and the even greater one that despairs because it does not know you.
Remember, Lord, those present and those absent, and pour out upon them all your eucharistic benediction!
— by Jean Galot, SJ
Interior Attitudes (Acknowledgement)
T h a n k   y o u !
Thank you, Lord, for the immense generosity of your eucharistic presence!
Thank you for having willed, after the time so brief of your human life beside us, to dwell even nearer to us without end in the tabernacle!
Thank you for putting yourself at our disposition, for offering yourself for our sake!
Thank you for waiting for us, for receiving us without ever a refusal, for listening to us and for hearing us!
Thank you for having instituted a priesthood in the prolongation of your own, to make yourself appear again in the midst of men!
Thank you for having desired the daily renewal of the sacrifice of the Mass, which gives your presence again indefinitely!
Thank you for the humility of a presence so well hidden, for its goodness open to all!
Thank you for the invitation to face-to-face intimacy, in a foretaste of the heavenly contemplation, thank you for the peaceful hours of contemplation and of adoration!
Thank you for all the graces, for all the consolation, and for all the joy which your coming amidst men provides to them!
Thank you for having pushed your love to the farthest, for having willed to multiply in all places of the earth the gift of your person!
— by Jean Galot, SJ
Apostolic Perspective
Lord, lover of unity,
May your eucharistic presence be a rallying point, a focus of unity for men!
May it accentuate your mastery over souls, by gathering them together in a common love!
May it draw more and more to you both gazes and hearts, in the brightness of a more luminous truth, and in the unanimity of a more ardent charity!
As your eucharistic body does not lose its unity when the host is broken, do not let the quarrels and the dissensions among men hinder the unity of your Mystical Body.
Deign to bond your brothers to your person and bond them among themselves, as the particles which compose the host are bonded among themselves.
By your Eucharist, one and everywhere the same, inspire in us the lively desire for the unity of the human community, founded upon your presence.
Enliven us with your will to turn aside everything that divides, to promote everything that unites, even at the price of great concessions and great sacrifices.
By multiplying throughout the world, may your tabernacles build up more and more solidly the unity of your Church!
— by Jean Galot, SJ
Until the day when you come,
You dwell in our tabernacles, Lord, until the day when you will come in your final glory.
Your eucharistic presence announces secretly your triumphal presence on the last day.
In silence, you prepare the end of the world, of a world which you will have invaded with your presence and with your love, and which you will transform into an eternal world.
It is you who from the shadow of your tabernacle, dominate the history of humanity and direct it toward that supreme result.
Make us await and actively prepare with you this completion of your sovereignty on the earth.
Make us desire the most complete extension of your kingdom, of your mastery over the hearts of men.
A day will come when, in a flashing revelation, you will show us the role and the efficacy of your presence among us.
On that day, we shall understand the meaning and the value of each of our visits, of each of our eucharistic adorations, for the salvation of the world.
We shall see how you have made us participate in the great work of divinization of the universe, by making us cling to your presence.
Until the day you come, make us come to you in ever greater numbers!
— by Jean Galot, SJ